Hey, what if you were in middle school or high school and were looking for something new and different? What if you could find a place where people truly care about you where you knew you were safe and could spend time with people your own age and with adults that have "been there and done that" and really want to listen to things that are happening with you?What if you could study the Bible in a way that makes sense to you? What if you could relate what you learn to your everyday life?And one more thing: What if you could find a church with activities that you like to do. Things like concerts, camps, trips, maybe a little basketball before or after church, or how about just hanging out with friends ? Kuttawa Baptist Church might be the place for you! 

​Our youth leaders, Randy and Jennifier Wright (You can learn more about them on the staff page) are always looking for ways to help you get strong in your faith and to help you during this time in your life! In other words: "They care!"Ask questions, get involved, learn something new and have fun in the process! From the "Known" youth curriculum, to studies about different religions, to mission opportunities and much more, think about KFBC!  Check out the "weekly" page to see a list of ongoing things you can be involved with and the homepage for special activities coming up. If you have questions, contact Randy Wright at youth@kuttawafbc.com